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Music and Language Teacher

Composer, Writer and Musician

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22 May 2023, independently published

In this sequel to Siglus and the Black Pea, Siglus and his companions arrive at the capital Galaxion. Arthur and Jethore throw themselves into the revolutionary movement, while Siglus goes in search of the Emperor. 

But the fate of Galaxion hangs in the balance. Emperor Karl has been usurped by a local satrap, Sathanas. General Caijus is returning with his victorious legions for the Triumph, albeit with a hostile people's army in tow… 

Idealism collides with an imperfect reality. Do the dreamers stand a chance of success?

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12 December, 2022, independently published

Siglus and the Black Pea tells the curious story of a boy hermit who sets out to save a pig that has crashed into the woods. Joining a group of bohemian students unwittingly en route to Arcadia, they uncover strange goings-on in the forest.
Meanwhile, an imperial general has completed the military annexation of the region and undertakes the return journey home. But his plans are thwarted by mysterious agents. And the daughter of the royal house has vowed revenge.
Employing an unorthodox cast with humour and with the freedom and lucidity of dreams, Siglus and the Black Pea interweaves human destinies with the lives of anthropomorphic animals and those from other kingdoms. Decrying man’s maltreatment of the natural world and also human populations, it harkens to the timeless message of the rainbow.

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Music album, released 31 March, 2023.

Music composed, arranged, performed and recorded by Thomas in January 2023 (for the most part). Tracks mastered by Tim Turan in Oxford. Photography and artwork by Tim Anger.

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Published on Amazon in July 2022.

The English version of Wallenstein has been translated and adapted by the author from the original French.

Wallenstein, armchair socialist and amateur philosopher, is never wrong and rarely right. He would love to prevent the destruction of the planet, and build a just society, but it’s just too much effort. And then suddenly it’s too late: the rains have begun to fall.
As the storm intensifies, Wallenstein’s precarious world disintegrates. He loses a good friend, encounters a hostile intruder, and falls in love with a stranger – and the water is still rising.
The riddle of his noisy neighbour is solved: she has built an ark. Escaping from the flood, Wallenstein finds himself in outer space, with his neighbour, the stranger, sex, death and an eldritch menagerie for company.
With the Earth lost, and a mysterious voice challenging him from the sky, can Wallenstein earn his redemption?
The Crime of the Bourgeois Wallenstein is a comic and poignant reflection on the folly of our civilization.

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Self-released in 2015.

A large-scale, romantic work in four movements, composed, performed and recorded by Thomas in Hampstead, London. Mastered by Mattia Sartori. Limited edition double CD card wallet available directly from Thomas, at £17 + £5 shipping fee (total £22). To order, please email me: 

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Home: Derniers articles


4 December 2019, published by Editions Amalthee, France

Wallenstein, un bourgeois socialiste, décide enfin, bien trop tard, de sauver le mond. Une tragi-comédie.  

"Une aventure décalée qui réécrit le Déluge dans un contexte moderne où nos comportements sont finement pointés du doigt. Caricature de notre contemporanéité, cette oeuvre est le reflet pertinent et honnête d'une société en perdition."

Edition limitée, désormais disponible uniquement auprès de l'auteur. £10 pour le livre + frais de port international £6, total £16. Pour commander, ecrivez-moi:

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Graduating from the International School of Geneva, La Chataigneraie, in 1992, Thomas read Philosophy, Literature and Music at Sarah Lawrence College, New York, USA, and spent his 3rd year at Wadham College, Oxford University. He went on to study Composition and Orchestration at the Conservatoire de Musique of Geneva, under Jean Balissat, when he was also a chorister (Tenor) in the Ensemble Vocal de Lausanne, under Michel Corboz. He obtained a PGCE in Secondary Music at the London Institute of Education in 2005 and is currently completing his Cert Tesol for EFL teaching.   

Moving to London in 2001, Thomas began a varied career as: a club pianist; a band frontman and songwriter (in the rock group Siglus); a secondary school teacher of music, religion and critical thinking; a piano teacher and accompanist in Hampstead; a general cover teacher in Oxfordshire; and a house painter. He also works as a solo rock recording artist, and a classical composer, pianist and performer. He currently lives in Oxford with his family, where he teaches piano, ukulele, and English as a Foreign Language. In his free time he enjoys writing and publishing novels. 

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