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July 2022

The Crime of the Bourgeois Wallenstein on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

The original French version Le Crime du Bourgeois Wallenstein was published by Editions Amalthée in France in December 2019. 



Thomas lives in Oxford. He teaches the piano and ukulele privately. He also teaches EFL, French and KS3 mathematics. 

Since leaving the Conservatoire de Musique de Genève in 2000, he has developed an artistic portfolio including numerous musical compositions and literary works. He performs regularly at the piano. 

Thomas' music comprises on one hand extensive, contemporary-classical pieces of a Romantic nature, usually based on the piano and including settings of poetical works. He has also made original contributions in the field of melodic rock. Thomas produces much of his own music, employing his talents as a lyricist, instrumentalist, singer, arranger and sound recordist and engineer. 

A lifelong lover of literature, Thomas started sketching stories at an early age. His initial forays into writing eventually crystallised in the two-part novel Siglus, currrently being prepared for publication. He's also published a novel in French, Le Crime du Bourgeois Wallenstein and is completing its sequel, Le Second Tour de Wallenstein. His latest publication is the English adaptation, The Crime of the Bourgeois Wallenstein. And he's currently working on a book entitled Alderley's Blueprint. A life-long Elvis fan, Thomas has also authored an opera libretto and musical sketches based on the spiritual life of Elvis Aaron Presley.  

Graduating from the International School of Geneva with an International Baccalaureate, Thomas studied Literature, Philosophy and Music and completed his Bachelor of Arts at Sarah Lawrence College, in New York. He spent his third year at Wadham College, Oxford University (Continental Philosophy and Contemporary Music). Within the music program he studied piano with Bernie Rose, and composition with Chet Biscardi and Hugh Collins Rice. He continued his studies in composition and orchestration under Jean Balissat and Eric Gaudibert at the Conservatoire of Geneva, Switzerland, where he also performed as a singing member (Tenor) of the Ensemble Vocal de Lausanne, under Michel Corboz. 

Favourite writers include Proust, Thomas Mann, Kafka and Joyce. Favourite composers include Mahler, Sibelius, Beethoven, the Beatles and the Strokes.    

Thomas holds a Post Graduate Certificate of Education, in Secondary Music, from the London Institute of Education. After teaching secondary school for a number of years, since 2008 he has principally devoted himself to teaching Piano. Having lived for many years in London, and also in the Languedoc region in France, in 2019 he settled with his family in Oxford. 

Please feel free to contact Thomas directly via the website.  

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Rock Albums

Music composed, performed and produced by Thomas

ATLANTIS (Current Project) 

GALAXION (2018) 




MONKEY IN THE WHITE HOUSE (2003) (with Kazu)

WHERE THE RIVER KNOWS (EP) (2002) (with Kazu) 

SIGLUS (2000)

Kazunori Kondo, the 'Cat from Japan', was Thomas' musical partner and lead guitarist in the group Siglus, which performed in London between 2002 and 2004. 


Classical Opus

The English Sonata (In Four Movements) (for Piano) (2021)

Premiered in Oxford

In The Great Dawn (for Tenor and Piano) (2017) 

 Setting of Rupert Brooke's 'Second Best'

Premiered with Christopher Diffey (Tenor)

                  Recorded with Caspar Singh (Tenor), Hampstead                

The Perfect Revelation of the Lord (for Treble Choir and Piano) (2016)

                   Setting of Psalm 19 (Bible)

Premiered with the Junior Choir of St. John's Parish Church, Hampstead

The Wallenstein Sonata (in Four Movements) (for Piano) (2015)

      Premiered in Hampstead 

The Rainbow (for Viola and Piano) (2014)

         Premiered with Mariam Ruetschi (Viola), Hampstead  

Opus One for Piano (12 Episodes) (2012)

      Premiered in Montréal de l'Aude

Symphonie D'Amour (for String Orchestra) (2001)

Premiered by the Melbourne Strings, in Correns, Var

Reflets de Ste Hélène (for Tenor and Piano) (2000)

                     Setting of Napoleon Bonaparte's 'Mémoires' 

Premiered in Geneva

The Angel of the Last Hour (for Soprano and String Chamber Orchestra) (1999)

                    Setting of Lord Byron's 'Stanzas for Music'

Premiered at Miraval, Provence with Anne Alexander (Soprano) and Nice Opera Strings

Fantômes, ou Méditations sur Une Phantasmagorie (for Piano) (1998)

Recorded at Miraval Studios

   La Prisonnière (String Quartet) (1996)

   Recorded at Miraval Studios with the Quattuor de Nice


The frogs were an example unto us all, in those days, a good example to
follow. Greater than the gods, greater than the prophets, and greater than all
the messengers of the kingdom combined.
For the word of man is no deeper than a gust of wind under eternity. And
all the wise counsels are foreshadowed by nothingness, and by the
shallowness of existence. Speech must look to silence, and action, to

from Siglus

by Thomas Bove



Oxford, UK

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